Thursday, 31 December 2009

Hello Peeps

Hiya freinds.... I'm here...gosh I can't believe how long it has been since I have blogged.... wot does it means I no longer am suffering from agoraphobia..... bUT I still have the odd panic attacks and suffer very bad from the palpitations which makes me scared to walk far with out my bike..... so i still have a mile or two to go ... I did loose wieght in the summer and I found that my symptoms nearly dissapeared...but since then i have piled all the weight back on and a little more.... constant battle for me..... I have also been undergoing some therapy this yr for my fear of doctors and also for some fears from childhood crap..... it has been with a good freind of mine who is a qualified therapist and we are doing the "Theratappa" therapy..where you use a machine and vibrations to stimulate the brain and train it into not going into panic mode and finding a safe place..... up to yet it has started to work... i have had a change in attitude and also have "found myself" a little if i can sound corny! lol....... I have been also getting out and about helping my freind do party plan for Ann summers... It isn't my job and i dont get paid but i am off in the car with her all the time and helping her out... I am lovin it... we go all over and it has really helped me to meet new people again and to also not be feared of being away from home.... I shall try to get back on here more ... i promise... i hope all my readers ( if you aint buggered off) are well and on the road to recovery!!!! Lets hope and pray 2010 is a good yr...speak soon hunnies!