Thursday, 31 March 2011

bulls bollocks!...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what a week!.... basically this wk I have struggled with some old symptoms like heart palpataions when i walked, I was pretty shocked when they started again but i think i know why..... I have been so inspired and had a lot of help when i was poorly with it all from a website called no more panic! brill website...well i hadnt been on it for a while so i thought i would have a look... i started reading some of my old posts from a few yrs ago when i was suffering VERY bad...the next day all the symptoms started again...i coudlnt believe it....def' psycological!!!!.......but I decided to take the bull by the scrotum! and wade through.....rather than stay inside scared of walking I walked, on my own and further! it worked.......there gone again! THANK THE BULL! I am feeling great again! ......just shows, dont let it beat you, tell ur brain what to do rather than your brain telling you what to do .....such a simple thing to do ...but it works!...any way I hope you are all well , take care and blog to u soonies xx

Sunday, 6 March 2011


well after 4 yrs of struggling to get out the house I actually struggle now to stay in! ain't it amazing! ... But at the moment everyone is suffering from being bored... I was thinking today...omg when i was locked in the house (not literally) how the hell did I cope!...wot did I actually do with myself.....the answer came.... I sat worrying about my heart ,,,my health and everything else! took my day up... i just thank God I am well. I was talking to a Friend today who hasn't seen me since I got well and she only ever knew me with agoraphobia ,,,, she moved over to Holland (her home) we chatted on Skype and she couldn't believe that I now walk with out my bike or even get on a bus... as I was telling her things I thought wow ,,,, I am better..we even talked about me going to see her on a plane! with my Daughter ...and I am seriously thinking about it... I wouldn't do it on my own but i don't see that being a failure i just accept now that there are some things in life we don't do on our isn't particularly a weakness its just who you are....but I would really love to go to Holland especially with my Libby......... any how...signing off for now...night guys and gals!

Friday, 4 March 2011

Well at last ... you too can do it

I had a time in my life where my blog was one of my crutches... but now I am well I really do hardly post anymore...sometimes I feel selfish and think "what about my blogger freinds" but i do still look at your progresses and I am happy some have been renewed but also sad that things havnt changed for others...... I never ever thought there would be light at the end of the tunnel for me, I remember sat trying to imagine my self walking around the corner and I couldnt...I believed I never would again...but it is when i changed that belief and believed that I would... you need to tell your brain positive things and your brain WILL in the end respond to your positive commands! it will ...scientificaly it will..... I am happy I am well and i never want to be in that place again...and I believe I wont!