Saturday, 16 May 2009

Some pictures of my longest trip on bike so far...

Here is a selection of pics of me n paul n doggies and surroundings from me bike ride the other day....3 mile trip..longest ive been on bike for 2 yrs goes....

Friday, 15 May 2009

My first Donation...thank u so much

Well just when I thought It wasn't ever gonna happen....Someone has donated a fee to me towards my bike...I am so happy! ..It is there in my paypal ..I was so suprised this morning when I was checking my emails...SO who ever you are...Thank you so so so so so so so so so so so so much x x x x x x x x you have made me very happy and hopeful....x
It was Paul and mine wedding Anniversary the other day so I charged this old clapped out thing up as much as I could and we went off to the fields as it was very dry..I went off further than I ever have before but it was great as it was mostly downhill so the battery power was fine...just by the time I got home it was pulling on the at least I know I can get away and out up the fields with Paul now but when I get my new bike I know I will be able to go anywhere and everywhere...this one does about 2 miles on the battery but the new one will do 40 miles !!!.......I have some pics of me n paul and the countryside around us..I will post them onto this post laters. We were going today but the rain has started here... looks like its in for the day. SO peeps I am just popping down for me breaky...and once again hunny thank you for donation ...I am so grateful. x

Friday, 8 May 2009

Im still here.........

Hiya.. no I havn't fell off the end of the earth or joined the vast majority yet!...Im still here...had the most awful time financially....Bike, laptop,desktop and then to top it off.....cooker! ....Im cursed I swear...someone somewhere there is a wax figure with black curly hair and a big belly with pins in it !!!! Come on own up!!!!! I have been ok...gallavanting all over the place... still not walking far but I have been getting out and about which feels great! ... I went to the hills ( derbyshire ) with a freind the other week in the car...went about 130 miles round trip.... was fab! No anxiety at all! ...also I have a freind who has started doing Ann Summers Party's and she is a little shy so I have been going with her and helping her do the parties...going along the strangers houses and showing them naughty toys and underwear has taken some guts but I have really been enjoying it.... I really feel that my Agoraphobia has been kicked in the but! It is just the walking and palpatations (fear still I suppose) that needs to be sorted then Rach will be back!...................I think my body is kind of stuck in this mode!...fear breeding fear and all that! ..... I havn't blogged much due to comp probs...slow desk top lap top...very frustrating....but all in all things are looking taking more risks.... wouldn't have felt like this if it wasn't for me lecky bike...which is still going by the skin of its tyres!..... I did put a donate button up...peeps prob thought I was a cheeky cow as I have not had a bloody penny!...suppose there worse causes to donate too....peeps starving etc!....well it was worth a try....I will leave it there for a bit as you never know ...a millionaire recovering agoraphobic might just pass this way and take pity! right!.... in answer to your question Coffee cup about claiming....if I could get over the bloody fear /phobia of the doctors I would def claim! but you need to have authority from them ...I asked the im buggered!...unless a miracle happens and im cured of my phobia!........... right im off guys..... the pic is me in the derbyshire hills and also of me riding up the fields on me own on me bike!