Saturday, 11 April 2009

OMG My worst laptop

Well not only do I need a new bike but now my laptop has fried ! buzzed and spat and smoked and then ....died! ...... so I am now stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea as what to save for first!!!... lifes a bugga! ...well on Monday Pauls mate has asked if we wnat to go out for a ride in his car for the day and go for a picnic...he knows of my situation and he is being great about it... he dont walk far anyway so Im really looking forward to the day out... as I am fine in a car...but i dont want to wander far from the car... so I am not sure where we are going but he is taking his little stove wiv the kettle....bwess! ..... so Im off to browse on ebay for lappy for a fiver lol ....byeeeeeee x

Sunday, 5 April 2009

I am truely cursed by the nasty bike goblin

This electric bike that I have.. I love it so has helped me so much but the bloody thing just keeps having one thing after the other wrong with is unbelievable. My Father in law is spending moe time working on this wretched bike that I dont know what.. the poor man.

Tell me if you think im cursed, because I swear that at night ,,the little nasty bike goblin comes along and casts nasty spells on it! I beginging to wonder if it will be the death of me! I am saving so earnestly for a new one... I have £159 and my new one is £349... so I have a long way to go ....

Heres whats gone wrong with this bike.

First.. electrics cut off... mended... electrics cut off again...mended....puncture on back nr motor...mended.... suspension went funny...mended....front brake snapped...mended....back brake stopped motor...mended....tyre going down for no reason.....mended....tyre going down again with no puncture.....I MENDED and did it wrong....pedals stuck and wont go rtound....meneded (father in law mended what i had done LOL).....suspension dropped again.....waiting to be mended...and the classic one ..the one that happened yesterday.... the lovely one to bugga up me bike ...are you ready for this one.....THE BLOODY KEY SNAPS OFF INSIDE THE LOCK>>>CANT TURN THE BUGGA OFF!!!!!! so its on all the time...I cant run the battery down or take it off ... its great int it! .... so i wont be selling it... I will be throwing it into Langold lake! I need to now make £200..........................any ideas...might put up a donation button on me blog!!!!!! what do you think!!!???? LOL !!!!

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

A dirty laugh!

Well guys I have had a fab night... for the first time during my anxiety I have had an Ann Summers party... I made lots of cakies and scrubbed the house from top to bottom ( always does you good to have folks round, makes you clean ) But the thought of having loads of silly women in your house and entertaing that amount has always set my anxiety levels high...... but tonight guys I have had the time of my life and really enjoyed my self....My freind is gonna be a rep and she wants me to join in with her and come and do the parties with her and we will half the profits! fab! ... will get me out and give me a bit of pin money!... if it happens.... will be good for my confidence as i have now almost beaten my agoraphobia! no probs really to go anywhere any more its like i said its just the walking i need to combat now and Bobs youe uncle I will be fine again! .... Guys can I also just say how good it is to see Gary back blogging...check out his new blog and give him some support , he has had several months of tragedy, losing his wife and he amazingly brings up his daughter who is special needs on his own... he needs all the support in the world right now.. here is his link