Saturday, 11 April 2009

OMG My worst laptop

Well not only do I need a new bike but now my laptop has fried ! buzzed and spat and smoked and then ....died! ...... so I am now stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea as what to save for first!!!... lifes a bugga! ...well on Monday Pauls mate has asked if we wnat to go out for a ride in his car for the day and go for a picnic...he knows of my situation and he is being great about it... he dont walk far anyway so Im really looking forward to the day out... as I am fine in a car...but i dont want to wander far from the car... so I am not sure where we are going but he is taking his little stove wiv the kettle....bwess! ..... so Im off to browse on ebay for lappy for a fiver lol ....byeeeeeee x


Gary said...

laptop for a fiver!? lol hope you have a good time at the picnic Rach and hope the weathers nice xx

Robert said...

No laptop????

A fate worse than death!

Well, nearly.

I hope you find a cheapo but good lappy soon!

Rachel's Diary said...

LOL...thanks for the sympathy guys LOL... Hey Robert would have been nice to meet up with you but never heard back from Marie??? .. or was it because I was using my mobile for facebook... cos I said we could meet at our local pub... on fri as Thurs I was up to my eyes in it with Biddies dinner and family coming for "Good fri" dinner...maybe next time eh! ? xxxxxx

Coffeecup said...

Stopped by to see why me feeds haven't been updated and see it's because you haven't written you bad girl!! Rachel please me know you're okay hunny? Text me or something if you're not blogging. Are you laptopless? Have you got a bike? Do you still need funds? I have lots of questions needing answers m'lady! What about benefit? Are you still living off thin air or have you applied for some of the assistance that you're entitled to? Crumbs chick, do hope you're okay???? :-(

Amara the Warrior said...

AAAAAAH!!!! No laptop! =(