Wednesday, 1 April 2009

A dirty laugh!

Well guys I have had a fab night... for the first time during my anxiety I have had an Ann Summers party... I made lots of cakies and scrubbed the house from top to bottom ( always does you good to have folks round, makes you clean ) But the thought of having loads of silly women in your house and entertaing that amount has always set my anxiety levels high...... but tonight guys I have had the time of my life and really enjoyed my self....My freind is gonna be a rep and she wants me to join in with her and come and do the parties with her and we will half the profits! fab! ... will get me out and give me a bit of pin money!... if it happens.... will be good for my confidence as i have now almost beaten my agoraphobia! no probs really to go anywhere any more its like i said its just the walking i need to combat now and Bobs youe uncle I will be fine again! .... Guys can I also just say how good it is to see Gary back blogging...check out his new blog and give him some support , he has had several months of tragedy, losing his wife and he amazingly brings up his daughter who is special needs on his own... he needs all the support in the world right now.. here is his link


Gary said...

God bless you Rachel xxxx

And i would have loved to have been at that party lol

Rachel's Diary said...

I bet you bloody wud LOL ;O)