Friday, 27 March 2009

A head of mixed thoughts and a body of mixed emotions!

Im my husbands words "yeah , very"..... I am though... I wish my body would connect with my head....does that make sense?...what I mean is...I feel ok in my head..I wanna get out there but my body is saying NO!!!!! but in fact it is the other way body is ok but the head is saying NO....does ya know what i mean LOL...... head sends signals to the body.... der im confused me self now! ... well in the morning im gonna have a go at walking round a small wont be far but i will try........... ahhhhhh scared! but need to go to Wilkinsons as I have put me plastic green house up (well paul has) and I have put some toms in tonight (bought from tinternet...rare types..hierloom seeds) and I have allsorts of flowers to do too! bought some weird seeds from black sunflower and chocolate aquilliga... black cherry tomatoes etc....cant wait to see me garden this yr! I love dabblin in the garden and it is so good for you..... althought the past 2 yrs has been bloody crap ... could have grown some Kelp or water lilies! with all the stinkin rain. ..............also another aim is I am gonna go on the sunbed this wk..... I have been gonna go on all wk but im scared...scared of gettin too hot and having palps..and being naked with the palps.... lol...oh the thought!....cos im sick of fake tan... i am goin around like a great big satsuma half the time... i aint ever found one yet that suits me!....need some colour to me ...makes me feel guys... heres to the wench signing off...till next time! bysey bye lemon pie! my greenhouse is the same as this one!


Coffeecup said...

Rachel thanks for your comment hunny. Got your number. I'll be in touch :-)

That portable greenhouse is fabulous! Never seen anything as good as that before. Perfect for tomatoes I'd imagine. Our heritage varieties caught the potato blight last year and I'd recommend that they stay stricly under cover away from tatties! Hopefully a hot summer instead of rain will help not just the veggies but also us too. Nothing like getting outside to chase away the blues. Get yourself out there gorgeous lady and I promise you'll be skipping home at night xxx

Rachel's Diary said...

fanks hunny i will do.... hearing from u would be great.... take ur time x i would ring u but would hate to impose .... yes im excited about me greenhouse hunny...hope me crop survives xxxx fingers crossed xxxx

Gary said...

Hi Rach remember me? your blogs looking good! xxx