Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Hiya was my birthday yesterday and I had a lovely day as much as gifts and cards and messages but all day I felt so stressed and upset. Some trouble in the village upset me, being accused of something I havn't done made me so angry I just wanted go bloody mad! I suppose this is what you get when you put your self on the front line i.e Neighbourhood watch.... yes I am still running it wih my freind and we are doing soooo well, nearly 400 have joined up in our village alone...doesn't this say something....we need it! I live in a littel old pit village and the crime at the moment has gone up and up... but the folk are the same folk (criminals) all the time making peoples lives so miserable...I had a lady call at mine last night because she was just sat watching tv all relaxed when bang...egg on her window...she was alone and scared as she knew the kids wanted her attention to be able to hurl she waited till they went and came to my door for moral support...she was shakin from head to toe...ok it was only an egg..that's not what bothered her! it was the intimidation!.......... the frustrating thing about all the stuff going on her (knife crime,car damage,assault,shed robbing,theft from houses,burning cars out,nicking from gardens,scratching parked cars) the Police have their hands tied because the judges are not giving out proper sentancing....slap on the wrist, bit of community service and they are out planning the next crime!......................................... what is it like where you live...??? Is it as bad as here....leave me a comment and let me know x


Coffeecup said...


Love the flowery new background. Very pretty :-)

You'd think a village would be a calm serene place to live, so I'm shocked to learn how much bad stuff is going on. It must be as you say the same small group terrorizing the community. Being close knit you would really feel the effects of the few, whereas in a town like here, plenty goes on but it's scattered about. What can you do when you have evidence but the Law doesn't back you up? Video the buggers and stick 'em on youtube! Don't know what to suggest babes, except shaming and shunning, not that these people ever seem to care. What a mess!

Rachel's Diary said...

these past few days have been terrible... windows have been put old man assaulted...eggs, tomatoes at innocent peoples windows... all on one street......makin my nerves real bad!!!!!!!!