Friday, 30 July 2010

wow i have been havin the best time for 4 years

hi guys, i just wanted you to know how i have been doing.... after my last blog...wooopps... bad language etc...well thats how i felt... i am feling alot better...great in fact... I can say that my Agoraphobia is on the back burner for always sits there, I am cautious and lifes choices can be delicate but I did do the massive step a couple of weeks ago and ...well ....a few things really... I went to Wales to my Aunty's...then booked a holiday to the seaside at the end of August in a caravan...and went back to wales again, visited swansea and had a fab time... I was ok...this time 3 years ago i couldnt even see my self out the front gate ....but I ragged my self out of it.... i know how hard it is and I pray to God I neve get like that again ...but who can say as it is the second time in my life I have had the syptoms of Agoraphobia...... thanks you lot for your fantastic support and i hope you are all well.