Sunday, 14 September 2008

Eastenders and Coro Aint got a patch on my lot!!!

Well the family feuding is still on the battle ground...Mother falling out with Daughter ..Sister with Daughter...Sister with sister...Daughter with Mother... I have ever known my family to be under this great canopy of bitterness and distress... I have not reveled in this at fact this past few days it has caught up on me big time.... My sister now wears the ring of her intended and seams happy in her shining new piece of expensive gem on her finger flashing about whilst her situation continues to cause discord amongst the people who love her the most...but what can you do ...she will have to make her bed and lie in it...and make the bugga after she's got out...I have never in my life experienced such a personality change from one person as her.... totally different~ self absorbed, selfish individual! and does it all in the name of God!! Wars have started over less! But I can't do any more ... I wish her all the happiness in the world and hope she doesn't suffer for the way she has treat folk but deep down I keep thinking "Equilibrium" ... balance...what goes round comes round ( I believe in this greatly) I will be there to pick up the pieces but maybe it's something she needs to go through.... I know you are wondering what the hell I am talking about! Sorry I just need to get it out.... x

Here are some pics of my bathroom at last..Paul has finished it..apart from my mirror to go up.... need some work doing on it as its big and old ( like me ) xx


Coffeecup said...

You can choose your friends but you can't choose your family. The best we can do is try and get along, but sometimes it's just not possible. Whatever has caused this disruption, I hope it doesn't last.

Your bathroom is very tasteful and regal Rachel! The legend has done a brilliant job. xxx

tashi said...

"I will be there to pick up the pieces but maybe it's something she needs to go through."
That's the way Rachel! You understand the score like only a good parent or guru would. I think it's sad about the family feuding though. Your family seems to have already been through more than any family should have to suffer :(
I hope it's just a brief passing phase anyway. All the best.

Rachel's Diary said...

bless you both ....things have been a little better these past couple of days.... xxxx