Thursday, 8 January 2009

Happy Birthday to my blog!!

Well the easter eggs have been scoffed... the rain came ( that was summer) the leaves fell...and the jingling of bells (rudolf coming to my house) Yes....a whole yr has passed!!!!! I have been blogging for a whole yr! I have met (virtually) some fantastic people who have inspired me...I would like to thank some special people on here..... we have coffecup, Diver,Robert,Sarah who have been followers of my little insane corner of my satalite!.... i can honsestly say.... I feel like I am on the road to recovery.... I am having more good days than bad days.... I just need to take time and not over push myself...I shall still be bloggin if you dont mind! .... I am prepared for set backs...they are normal! .... in fact when i have a whole week where I am sooo bad all this goes out the window but I can say since my HUGE panic attack on Christmas eve I have been fab! ..hardly any palps...and gettin about..although I have took small steps. I still know how I feel in my head... intead of staying in i am having a yearning to go out...cant wait for summer.... looking forward to trying to go for walks in the does hubby! ...... so happy birthday to my blog...thankyou blogspot for the oppertunity to express my self to so many and also I have had feedback from people saying my blog has helped there is a reason for it all isnt there x x x x x x x x


Sarah♥ said...

Hi hun..
"Happy Birthday"...
Glad to read you're feeling better.


Coffeecup said...


Congrats on one whole year of wonderful stories, warm moments, fun, hilarity, sadness, courage and hope. And some crafting too. What more could we ask for? Thanks for writing Rachel! Long may it continue :-) x X x

Robert said...


I'm really chuffed that you're feeling better. Perhaps 2009 will be your year!