Monday, 17 August 2009

At last the day has arrived! I Have been for a walk

Yes.... very unexpectadly I have done it peeps..I went to a freinds yesterday and she encouraged me to have a walk to Tesco with her, she never told me how far it was ( it was a mile) but when I got half way ( half a mile) I stopped and waited for her (on my own ) in a park...this was 10 mile away from home, not in my village!.... This has been a massive huge The BIG step for me.... I walked a whole mile there and back and I am so proud of my self... for the first time in two years i can see the light at the end of the last...... here is a couple of i was thinkin of my blog all the time..... the first vid is me contemplating walking further.... you can see me little mind going and all the questions ....then the other is of me in the park sat down waiting for her on me own... there I was in a very vunerable situation as If i had of panicked I would have had no one or nothing... but i was ok.

Just to add I have walked around my village today...was fine on the way to the shops but back was a bit dodgy but did it ! .whats happening!!!!! x


Coffeecup said...

Sometimes it's a little easier to go somewhere you're not familiar with because you don't have the same worries attached or know what to expect. A mile though!! WOWEE!

You did fantastic Rach!! Way to go girl! You'll be right out of the tunnel and bathed in the light in no time babes. Very well done hunny XXX

Robert said...

Great stuff, Rachel!

Sorry I've been absent from your blog for a while, but you've been in my thoughts!

alice said...

been reading your blog for a good while now. and slowly you can see your improvement. you have put the effort in. well done for going that little bit further. love the videos. x

Amara the Warrior said...

That's right baby steps. And remember....YOU CAN DO IT!!!!