Wednesday, 30 September 2009

bike tomo

Ohhhhh Im all excited... tomo is me big day... me day of freedom again...been a bit house bound since not had me bike....been out and about in the car etc but not round many streets although i have been using the pedal bike to go shopping and done it on me will def be gettin some piccies on ere....... got pa;ps as i write cos just had a chinese and stuffed me face. signin off for now xxxx


Robert said...

I can't wait to hear all about your travels on this new-fangled lektrik mountain climber. I expect you'll be climbing everything in the Peak district now, instead of using roads like the rest of us!

Have fun :0)

agoraphob said...

Hi! been reading your blog and really inspiring. I am thirty, live in the US and have agoraphobia. I wasnt able to leave the house and i have been inspired by people on the internet to not give up. and have made lots of progress! So I wanted to say thanks!

Amara the Warrior said...

Traveling rocks!!!! Hiking a giant mountain or doing something spontaneous or even parties makes me happy.
We are not gonna give up :)