Friday, 8 October 2010

Been great!

hi guys...just thought I would pop in i wanted you to know im doing good! life has been great apart form being skint but hey we all are at the moment! I have started another blog as you know the therapy i had for the panic attacks that really worked... well I am having them now for eating and weight loss....I have joined slimming world and I am really looking for ward to loosing the weight as it has been a constant battle for a lot of years! and im really ready to loose the weight and the therapy has been working .... I have lost nearly a stone.... 6 more stone to go ... and i will be the complete new woman! Hope you are all well...and please please remember there is light at the end of the tunnell I promise you guys ... I am living evidence that there is.... x x x xlove u all

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Amara the Warrior said...

Yes!!!!! That is the spirit!!!!! I am going to follow this blog :D