Saturday, 8 November 2008

Naked neck dispute!

Right guys i need your help.. you know we bred
the naked necks this yr ...well now they are fully grown and have these great big naked necks..... I think in the winter during frost and snow these poor little naked neckies will get cold... I am in a dispute with Paul.. I am wanting to knit some neck tubes to keep them warm! I have asked his mother and she is all for it! What do you think... should I??.... I am not one for dressing dogs up or anything like that, its not for cosmetic purposes its practical!!! they need to be warm! but he thinks im nuts!!!!!!!!


fungalena said...

Rache if ur gunna knit and nurture, DON'T go n NECK em at Christmas - poor liddle fings.
Me thinks me going a bit vegetarian as I get older peeps.
LOOK at this site for us peeps. You'll go AWWWWWWW !

luvalena x x x x

Rachel's Diary said...

good website but not for the cats lol

Robert said...

Trouble is - what colours are you going to use? Will it clash with the Naked Necks' feathers? Will the Naked Necks get to choose the pattern? Are you going to use zips or buttons (in case the poor things get too hot & need to remove them quickly)?

Perhaps a warm living area might be more suitable!

Coffeecup said...

Get'em knit Rach, it's so hilarious that I simply have to see your chicks with their woolies on! How sweet!!! You'll have to write to the newspapers with this story, Dail Mail love this kinda thing. Lol! Wonderful! xxx

Rachel's Diary said...

started em...they are go with the red and will have poppers.... !! Paul still refusing!! he says he will look a dill! ...whats new LOL

Rachel's Diary said...

robert!!!! choosing the pattern... your mad you lolololol