Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Tis the season and all that!!!

Well guys how are you all feeling...I really dont know but I do Thank the good Lord above for internet shoppin! every and I mean Every present has been bought from the internet! Its great! I have not had to do busy bustling queues or crammed shops like Primark... being the 30th in the queue with a 99p bargain cos I just cant resist.... so thank you Ebay...thank you Lakeland and Thank you Amazon ..... youve really helped an agoraphobics christmas.... LOL .... as for feelin well.. Im having a good patch...just been through a bad one now its a good one.... But im nervous for Fri ...its the biggie....me on the back of a lorry dressed as Mother Christmas ( as we have a santa now) ..... with a microphone singing down every street in the village.... I cant believe Im doing this.... I cant walk to the corner shop some days but Im gonna do this.... mind you I have me saftey nets ready...EVERYONE on the lorry knows I suffer with P.A's and I have our Andrea drivin at the back of the lorry to make me know if I want off I can! So knowing that.. I will prob be ok! ....... so photos will be on ere.... wait till you see what I am wearing! OMG ...like somot from Ann Summers! LOL...well not quite but not far off... a small! ( as in length of course) being a size 18-20.... mini red dress! with netting under the skirt and a cape and hat and black boots! I was tempted to go with the fishnets but thought better of it seeing as I am waving to children! ....LOL.... so Im officially ready for crimbo...me 9ft tree came this morning! (only 20.00) Got pine needle rash! ...me and Paul nearly divorced this morning.......and after noon as it took that long to do ...we always fall out cos Pauls like a Grinch/humbug this time of yr...I keep theatening 3 spirits will be visiting but he is still a bAHHH humbug! ..Men are terrible for it I think....we do the bloody lot dont we girls and they sit moaning! My Dad was the same.... Is the same LOL..... One yr I was only 17 and Dad kept saying...dont get me ought.... dont want ought..so I got a massive box and wrapped it up with a toothbrush inside .. a travel one at that.... and he actually shed a tear ...so he never says it now! LOL..cured that one ! I am a bitch! but it was funny at the time.... so bysey bye for now peeps..... enjoy your festivities.... Ive made 120 mince pies in 6 days cos of all me visitors............................ PS .... is anyone on face book....I am Rachel Hughes was Parsons if you wanna add me........ bye 4 now .... xxxx God what a waffle!


Coffeecup said...

Good grief my Girl! You are on a roll! My head is still spinning from all the activity going on down your way. Sending a huge amount of best wishes for your big adventure as Mrs Christmas!! It's going to be sensational and so much of a laugh. Can't wait for the photos. Sometimes wish we had that kind of community spirit here, but the town is too big for that wonderful cosiness of a village.

Keep it up Rach!! Rooting for you!


diver said...

Great stuff Rachel! Knowing that your efforts will be making others happy (kids especially) is the sort of awareness just kills anxiety, I reckon. I expect you'll have a brilliant time ... huh, next you'll be going into politics lol.

Rachel's Diary said...

LOL..thanks guys... im hoping everything will sail... we will see...trying to stay positive ..usually the fear of doing something is worse than doing it!

Robert said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you! You gave me an interesting mental image about how you'll be looking all dressed up... Marie has ordered everything off the internet too. It's the agoraphobic's best friend! Her laptop is glued to her hand!!! lol Good to see you staying positive.

Best wishes