Monday, 15 February 2010

livin proof you can kick it in the ass

You have followed me through thick n thin.... when i have woke in nights of flooded panic i have blogged.... days when i have not wanted to move or been to scared to go to the shop 3 doors away from my home!!! ...i have even had agoraphobia with in my own walls... scared to go from livin room to the space was becoming more and more limited... till in the end i knew i had to do something...i wanted to put it in order how i achieved this.

these are the things that affected me

1. couldnt be left on my own at all

2. couldnt leave the house

3.couldnt walk far with out feelin breathless or heart pounding

4.hated having visitors

5. had night panics every night so didn't sleep.


1. love being on my own

2. Do everything i can to leave the house all the time being out now

3. just started to walk a little go to town and walk a little now

5. love having peeps round... been having lots of parties...body shop...ann summers etc

6. sleep like a baby

how have i achieved these things

1. started a little job ...avon so i had to get out and had to deliver goods as people were expecting me.

2. got freinds to take me in the car to places knowing i may have to turn back.

3. began to get involved in things within the community...i.e school....feeding the old folks at village hall....craft stalls....even though i was doing all this i was still having all the symptoms...but ploughed through

4. bought an electric bike to get my independance.

5. had people on standby when left on own knowing i had me bike there if i needed help.

6.put me self in vunerable situations but always got back up.

7. eat better... no processed food

8. drink plenty of water.

hope some of this helps! x x x x x x x x x



Sarah♥ said...

You have done so well and come so far - be VERY proud of yourself :)


Rachel's Diary said...

thank u sarah....that means alot! x and i mean it! xxxxx

Coffeecup said...

Knew you'd get there Rachel. Your fighting spirit is awesome. I guess the moral is to just get yourself out there then, long enough for the anxiety to understand that it's wastin it's time?

To echo Sarah, be VERY proud of yourself. I'm proud of you!!! XXX

Robert said...

Soooooo pleased for you. You deserve your success!

Rachel's Diary said...

thank u all x

Jill said...

Hi Rach,

What a beautiful, courageous person you are. I am 44 and have had panic attacks since childhood. I am really, really happy right now because I am using Panic Away, a system to stop panic attacks for good. I kid you not, this is working I almost can't believe it myself. I wrote a review of Panic Away if you want to check it out.
Best best best to you and many blessings. xxx

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Amara the Warrior said...

Wow!!!!!!!!!! I'm proud of you.
Thank you for posting this information.
It's nice to see someone thriving.