Friday, 18 July 2008

Gotta keep going!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well guys I have been marvalous if I say so myself... Wed night I had me ftruffle party and stood up in front of 12 ladies and did a demonstration and taster session of my truffles... I was nervous before I got there but the min I got into it I was fine.... But today has been the biggi..... I went to the local market in the next town on in Dinnington ( never been to this market) and was nervous but then after I started off around the market on me own having a great time...not one flutter not one fact I waltzed back to the car like a looney with heavy bags...when i sat in the car I thought ..ohhhhh no tight flut fluts! well pleased .... then it was on to tesco...absolutly fine all the way around until the last last isle then all of a sudden a flutter...then another...then another...then panic set in...heart went wonky and I thought right you can bloody go wonky...I put all the food on the belt...packed me bags...i told me freind who was with me (who was not sympathetic at fact he rolled his eyes...which well upset me) and he actually helped me pack but then just walked off and left me to follow ...then I calmed down and everything went back to normal rythm....thank God...but I never rang out..I just let it happen ..I thought it wont kill me...It cant ..... xxxx so how clever am I ...I had another little doo later in the I laid on the floor and spoke to my mum (never told her I was panicin)

Pic is me at me truffle party!


Coffeecup said...

They look stunning, beautiful and delicious! How clever are you? Very professional Rachel! I'm hungry just looking at them lol. How big are these babies? Put a coin next to one and let us see? Cos they sure seem like a proper mouth full from here! Yummy!

Well done on your trip to the market. It's one of the hardest places to get round I've found, so I'm so pleased you did it with such ease. Never mind about the supermarket, after all this preparation and hard work, it's gonna try and pop out sooner or later, and the last aisle is usually when it gets me too. Like a release of stress when you're almost done. Congratulations kiddo, wish I'd been at your party. When are we gonna get an online demo???

PS You're looking rather radient yourself!


miranda said...

hey rach..ur truffle party went fantasic there stunning, beautiful and delicious the best ever! so proud of u for goin through the party without fallin to the floor in a flutter...i cant wait till the next 1 ...keep up the good work love from ur little helper! xx

tashi said...

What a great post Rachel. You went to the marketplace (or 'agora' as the ancient greeks called it)... impressive!

Your presentation table looks ace. Sure would like to see a closeup of your cards ... are those 'business cards' at the front of the table?

So happy for you Rachel, to see your new business absorbing the anxiety like this, its just inspiring.

Rachel's Diary said...

Thanks guys...tashi yes they are my cards I shall have to post one on here... how kind..well you did inspire me a little you know... I am still having orders coming..not made a proper profit as yet but I am sure it will come xxx My website shud be live soon xxxxx