Wednesday, 30 July 2008

So run down and full of cold!

Well peeps, I have just finished it off! The week has been crap and now have a big red nose! (shame it int christmas, rudolf could have had a night off) and me glands are really up!...Paul is sick of me blowing me hooter but its tuff!!! I have to listen to his banjo playing! I feel ok but look like crap and have a really bad cold! My mum said its good that me glands are up cos it means im fighting it! She will say ought so I dont panic...cos I mentioned Lymph cancer! but im sure she is right LOL!!! In fact Paul keeps sneezing now..but of course he wont have a cold he will have Man flue or other wise known as bubonic typhoid virus colditess!!! Well today i have had a good day with the old anxiety ..hardly any flip flops in the old heart area! Prob cos im more worried about me MUMPS! (cos ive been through that one too LOL) ,, Me and Libby are better...she has been to her nan's for a few days...said she was leaving home last wk but now she misses me and wants to come home! (knew she would cos she loves her mummy) I was glad as I hate her not being here..I missed her so much too! SO things are looking up feelin better in myself... just this stinking cold! .....the picture isnt me by the way...its just what I look like LOL


Robert said...

You & Libby have been having a shit time, haven't you?

I think being an adolescent girl is one of the worst times of your life. I say this from having 4 grown-up daughters who all went through it!

As for you - emotional problems often let those nasty viruses take hold. But they don't last. So you'll be better soon. But stop beating yourself up - your panic attacks aren't ruining your family! They obviously make life a little more difficult... but they don't stop those that love you loving you.

Btw, Marie & I think that you're super! Thanks for blogging!

Rachel's Diary said...

bless you both...tanks hunny bunny's just feels like that dont it.. Marie will prob understand..somedays i just feel they would be better with out me around... i suppose it all goes with the anxiety x Thanks for ur kind words means alot xxxxxxx