Friday, 4 July 2008

Im still here!

Hi guys I am still here, I have been looking after my sister's special needs daughter who is full time work... I am sleeping there etc and my sis has no internet so I wont be properly blogging till at least next wed..... I am doing well with the responsibility but am struggling big time.... Tessa is easy to look after ...its being away from home that is the prob..Libby is helping me which is good. ... Bye for now xxx

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Robert said...

Anyone who care for a special needs boy/girl is a good person! I should know - my son has special needs. He's all grown up now & no longer with me, but I haven't forgotten how much work he used to be. But worth every moment!

Btw, I'll be having some of your chocs - for Marie, of course...

I've been absent for a while, since times aren't great, but Marie likes your blog - says you sound like a really nice person!