Sunday, 29 June 2008


I have done it ... managed to throw my self into a new venture.... I have started selling my chocolates (truffles) to friends and family.... But the amazing thing is it has took off like you wouldn't believe...folks are going crazy for them... they are all made with natural ingredients and they are stunning...made to order...tommorow a freind is taking me out to Sheffield (scared) to get some packaging ...I want natural packaging brown bags etc... ihave designed my label and my sister painted my logo,, the name of me company (LOL, sounds weird) is poppypoppops...there is a reason for the quirky name ! Honest.... peeps love it, and remember it! ....the piccy is my logo x

Flavours are:
Sailors delight: Rum
Icecream dream : Vanilla
Macapone Madness: Mascapone/lemon
Irish blarney: irish cream
Chocolate heatwave: chilli
Scotttish bliss: whisky
Romantic rose: Rose
Dark and handsome: plain
Chocoholic: All types of choc together
Nutty Nora: Almond
Orange seduction: Orange
Bee's knees: Honey
Do you like the sound.....
80p per choc of your choice in brown rustic bag or gift box of 6 for £5.50 .... P&P £2.50 for uk
Please email me for any orders....pic's of truffles to follow x


fungalena said...

Cant cope looking at them - been getting more depressed as time goes on - Feel like I have lost my DRIVING FORCE x x x
Thank God for you n Lesley x x x

fungalena said...

Think me comments r outa sink with each Blog Rache. Stooopid me - lol - you marketing looks gr8 - the name suits the whole package - BUT I dont like me poppies - they r 2 dark - cnt ya liten em up ???? x x x

Rachel's Diary said...

LOL...i did do...they look great!

xxhazexx said...

I'm the randommer(sp) that emailed ya for some truffles :)

Coffeecup said...

Best of luck with your chocolates! They sound mouth wateringly scrummy. Clever girl!


Rachel's Diary said...

your avon will be posted on Thurs...will let you know hun and thank you xxx

Coffeecup said...

Thanks Rachel, thought I'd upset you, I dunno, silly me! Seems you've just been a fantastically busy little bee!! Hugs...X

Rachel's Diary said...

LOL...ya daft bugga... never even opened me avon order for 3 days ....sooooooo busy x I get paid on Thurs so will do all me posting then x

Sharon said...

just to let you all know rachels truffles are really nice ,ive been her sampler so far everyone is great ,better than sex,lol,xxx