Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Hi, no I aint left the planet .... Yet!

Hi Guys,..... Sorry I aint be bloggin, been really busy with the chick chicks, I went to Essex and had a fab journey, had a great time! No anxiety at all, because I had somot to do with my self, occupied! We ended up with 5 ugly buggers (the transylvanian naked necks) 2 Bantam ugly buggers ( soooooooo cute these are the little black ones) and the other 3 are a trio of another breed with beards! favorals! We have named one after Pauls aunty as SHE has a beard! His Aunty Linda! she wasn't that happy about it..... but she's ok now LOL!!! Here is a little vid of me chick chicks! xxxxxx


Sharon said...

thats funny ,love it how you and paul are with creatures.lol.

A.A. said...

Awww, they're too amazingly cute. Kinda feel bad though now about my dinner choice today, LOL. Loved the way you talked to them, thats how I talk to my cat...always thinking if someone overhead me, they'd think I was crazy, lol. Have fun with your chicks, can't wait to see more pics of them growing up!

Rachel's Diary said...

Thank u both of u..... I Love my little babies, they are cute... they do grow up to be very unusual but hey! I did !! LOL