Sunday, 8 June 2008

Teenagers!!!! UGH!

Hi guys, I know I have not entered the world of blogging for a while and hit and miss a little, I am confused,I am feeling a bit better about life and things are okart from Libby being a bit of a worry....she has left school now and awaiting to start college to start her training to become a social worker...but she seems to be having a bit of a moment! She is hanging around with some folk who I would rather she didn't and it is a worry, she came home Fri night, she wasnt drunk but she had been drinking and then she was sick the next morning, but talking to a 16 yr old about responsibilities as useful as a chocolate fireguard!!! Her bedroom is like a bomb site...fur in cups and plates with cures for deseases unknown to man! Her attitiude is hidious at times, but she does have a good head on her shoulders and is a good girl, I am just scared that she will go with the flow with th e wrong crowd and bugga up her life altogether. Paul thinks I worry too miuch because she is my only child...prob right, I adore her and I want the best for her..... SO ..this is actually leading to a point honest ... I am fine in my self but still keep having the palps and panic feelings, and still am scared to walk anywhere, need my bike.... do you think I am just worried about Lib ? Can any one with teenagers who reads this give me some advice...please xx


Anonymous said...

Hi Rach i've been through all of this! as soon as they reach 16 it's as though they flick a switch! your gonna worry wether it's an only child or not! everybody worries about their kids! but i feel that the more you get on to them the more defiant and determined they become! they think they have become an adult and no one can tell em anything! they no it all! but the trouble is they don't!!! my advice is just be there for her, keep an eye on her but let her learn from her mistakes, and try not to worry too much! it's a part of life that a majority of us go through! hope i've helped in some way Rach.
Take care
Gary xxxxx

Coffeecup said...

Aww Rach, when I was sixteen I was an obnoxious cow to my Mum, my room was disgusting and my friends were upto no good. Then one day it all changed, just grew up, cleaned up, and when the hormones had settled I wished I listened to parents advice. It's just teenagers isn't it? Kevin syndrome!Perhaps you'll just feel a lot better when she's settled in college and has an aim to head for.
Don't worry hunny. I'm the same at the mo but have felt worse and still crawled out of it. It will pass, just keep chin up, be gentle on yourself, and you'll be out and about again before you know it. Love and a big hug XX

Rachel's Diary said...

aw thank you guys for them thoughts and advice.... was great to be listened to. xxxx