Wednesday, 18 June 2008

One day fine the other day crap

Have you noticed peeps how anxiety takes turns...I seem to have a crappy day then a gud day....Yesterday my heart was doing flips and flops and really was going funny in bed last night,, in fact this morning when I awoke I was actually scared to move because I thought it would go all funny again, but to my suprise I got up, went on my bike down the street with Sharon,went into the chemist (which I hate cos I think the pharmasist is gonna look at me and say I need medical attention-part of medical phobia) But no flutters, no flips and no flops,in fact I took my pulse on the chemist clock (how sad eh) and it was 72 BPM how perfect is that eh! and I have been not too bad all day! So strange, but when I am havin a gud day I think to myself, Rach, your heart is fine, it's almost as if my heart has become over sensatized if that makes sense as last night in bed I was getting all this irregular heart beat and then I did a massive birp, had a rennie and it was better, back to normal.... wind was makin my heart do these things, weird! So I hope I will have a gud day to mo as its the big supermarket shop x
By the way today I defrosted my freezer and gave some things to Sharon to put in her freezer for me whilst mine defrosts... Sharon said whats that..a ball wrapped up in silver foil...I said ..Oh dont let that defrost..its me snowball from easter...she just looked at me and said ....SAD! LOL


Coffeecup said...

Don't know what program your using to create these pictures Rach because I tell you, I wanna have a try! Ha ha ha hilarious! Love it!!!

You know with this anxiety I'm sure it's because we're tuned in to the same symptom patterns. With me it's the magical mystery disappering limbs! The second that they start feeling odd that's it! And I'm focused on nothing else but why is this happening, what's wrong with me? The fact that when you're active you don't notice it so much has to be a good thing. You'd think if owt was wrong that's when it would be thumping. Just trying to reassure you babes.
Still, wish you'd get the doc to come out and check you over, then you might feel better about everything?

Have fun on the market! There's one in our town on a Friday. Not been in yonks. Might try going if you are! Can compare notes later lol.

Have a happy day lovely lady XXX

Coffeecup said...

Opps lol, can't read! Supermarket!!! Oh well ha ha ha!

fungalena said...

you really look after me ma n pa Rache x Bless - look at me dad x x x am all choked up lookin at em x x x