Thursday, 19 June 2008

Did probs! And bought clothes!

Well today Dad picked me up and took me to Morrisons, I had my niece Ruth with me (9yr old Chaperone) as she was off school wiv earache (yeah rite, it was more cos she was doing a play at school an didn't want to do it...bless) I was in the car on the way I suddenly found my lips pertrude outwards and my head turned towards my Dad and these words came tumbling out..." Dad, can we go into town first and have a walk around" GULP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT!!!!!!!! DID!!!!!!!!! I !!!!!!!!! SAY!!!!!!!!!!!! ...OMG, I can't my heart wont take it...Panic...! But then a peace started up inside of me...I thought Rachel...if you start walking and you panic you turn back and go back to the as I got out the car Dad asked me to go for the ticket...looking at his crippled legs and him with his stick I thought Id better to the machine and the bloody thing was broken...I looked around for another and It was at the other end of the car park.... the old flutters started then, but I thought NO just go...and they stopped! I got back to the car rather flushed..but ok...and then we set off.... As I started I could feel my heart thumping and the ectopic beats came but not for long atall...after the first shop and a little bit of engrosment ( and spending) they went ! I even tried clothes on and bought 3 tops for 13.00 straight away...then walked back to the car pretty fast...went round Morrisons did a massive shop of £120...bagged it, put it in the car! And was fine.... SO I am a happy woman....I can walk about with out dying! and having a heart attack, it is al in the mind and I hate it! SO this is my very long winded story for today! LOL... I bet i do your heads in ! I do me own in xxxxxx The piccy is me today...a happier ME!

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fungalena said...

Thats FANTASTIC - Looks more like a DIVORCE Mag than a fashion Mag - lol - u 2 looooonies x x x