Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy

Had a lovely weekend...did lots of baking and entertaining and on Sat It was my Dad's B day (78yrs) so Ma n Pa came and had a little tea, I made him a cake and did salad and homemade bread and also made a flan with goose eggs from our geese ...it was flippin divine...we all really enjoyed it all. Over the weekend I FELT PRETTY GOOD WITH HARDLY ANY PALPS AT ALL!!!! YIPPIE But the past couple of days they are back with a vegence.... not as bad as I have had them in the past...but they are there. I Feel like I am getting there though...I think I am at the point that one day soon these syptoms will fade like it did before yrs ago...I flippin hope so! Life is so strange...this past 2 weeks I have heard of two people who I know of very well die and it makes you really think what is it all about really.... and why are we here... I know all the religions and faiths have the anwser but I have been there and done all that and still have questions un answered!.....any how I wont get into a religious rant today....Libby has got to go to the hospital as her skin complaint has been diagnosed as psoriosos...so she will need treatment for that and of course horrible mummy (me) can't take her cos I dont do doctors ...so Paul is taking her...bless her little soul. She does her last exam next wk then she officially leaves school...gosh where has my little baby gone xxx

Here are some pics from me dads tea xxx bye for now hunny bunnies xxxx


Coffeecup said...

What a scrummy spread! What a sweet daughter you are Rach. Glad you're feeling better too. Looking in from the outside you seem to have such a close loving family. They'll get you through to the other side. What more reason for being than them? xx

PS I want some AVON lol! Wondered if you can help me as you're a rep? Will you mail me Rach if you can accept my order hunny? Cheers babes, and DO enjoy your day!

Rachel's Diary said...

omg....of course i will hun.... give me your home addy via my email and ill send u the next book...u can pay via paypal xxx

fungalena said...

Ahhhh, love me mum x x x