Tuesday, 27 May 2008

A Couple of days relief

Hi Guys .. had a couple of niceish days (not as many palps) at the weekend I did a bit of chilling on the Allotments, Paul actually spent time with me as latley I feel like all I am saying is "Yeah, bye...see you in a bit" whilst im left at home stuck with in a house scared piggin stiff to go out on me own.... so after a cry on Saturday and telling him I actually want to die as I am soo fed up and bored he decided to take the dogs out and go on the allotments... we lit the fire basket and boiled the kettle and had decaf coffee,,sarni's, cake and crisps and pork pie and tomatoes and and and .... x It was great, we went home when it just started to get dark and spooky! I need more days like this..chillin and relaxing and takin my mind off my anxiety. We are off to Essex on Thurs for the 5 Ugly buggers that have been hatched for us...so this will be a big big test for me, it is a long way from home...3 hrs away! So watch this space!

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Coffeecup said...

Oh Rachel I'm so sorry that you feel so bad about the anxiety. I totally understand though because my thinking is quite often along those lines, but you just fight on don't you? You have to. Very glad you found sanctuary on your lottie and of course you have your little UBs to look forward to caring for. Be gentle on yourself hunny xxx