Wednesday, 7 May 2008


Had a fab day in the garden again, getting out of breath and fit! getting me heart rate up on purpose which is amazing for me as im usually scared, I was running from garden to kitchen with me watering can and I looked up at the clock and took my pulse (naughty habbit I have) and it was about 118 bpm .. I thought ,,oh great its really pumping! Usually I would think ..OMG its going fast but you should get your heart rate up at least twice a day!

Anyhow Its one of our fellow bloggers birthday today, Gary

..Gary has anxiety and battles with his panic attacks and has a stunner of a child who has downs syndrome and autism and his wife has been battling with ill health too, its been great to see his progress and even though he has bad days (like us all) I can see an improvement since the begining of the yr...So Gary I hope you have had a smashing day, and I hope this yr brings you happiness and healing xxxx

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Anonymous said...

God bless you Rachel, you are amazing xxxxx