Sunday, 18 May 2008


Hi peeps, I have been feeler a little bit better... not got the constant flutters ...just the odd ones..Thank God for that is horrid when u get them all the time like that.... Any way the excitement of the title is the fact I have now lost 10 pounds....No not in money but in weight so it is coming off slowly but surely.... So I am well please ! Last night I went out to a sports centre with some Churchy freinds who I have known for yrs and Lib came with me too.... she really wanted me to go as they had a fake ice rink.... Its the strangest bloody stuff I have ever been on.... like going on a load of chopping boards with Ice skates...really weird! But the fact is ....I DID IT! And spent some quality time with Libby! I was fluttering like a bugga most of the time but I was anxious and nervous just being there...But I did it! ..... the piccy is me n Lib, and lib on ice wiv me sisiters boyfreind, and me n neil! x SO I am hoping this wk will be a gud un!

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