Monday, 19 May 2008

Worse day....very sad

I have had a very stressful day regarding was her GCSE Maths exam today and stupid school rang me to say Lib wasn't there in her exam,, i was in a rite state..then they rang to say ...oh she was... she was sat in the wrong seat....gormless that school ...I am glad she has left but it has caused me loads of stress... and also today I had to see her college tutors about her getting in for SEPT.... it has made me poorly all day...palps none stop after being upset...and before that I was helping pauls aunty cleaning and was really busy cleaning her whole house top to bottom with no palps at all....just proves its anxiety!!!!! fed up today....will i eva get bloody better....roll on sat, i have a euro-vision party (sad) just made me score sheets wiv me little flags on (sadder) xx nan nites xx

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Coffeecup said...

Rachel representing Royaume Uni, douze points!!!!!!!!

Well done for losing TEN WHOLE POUNDS! Congratulations for getting out and about!

Sorry that the teachers stressed you out. They get nil points! At least if you have acknowledged today that the palps are stress related then you are on your way to recovery. Unlike the UK on Sat, Europe hates us, (psst! don't mention the War)! you will be singing the winning song. I'm flying my little Union Jack for you.

Take care sweetie, have fun! xxx