Tuesday, 20 May 2008


Wise words from my lovely old mother the other day " Rachel ..you need a project" .. And how right is she... I need somot to take me mind of my own bodily functions ( heart etc) I have been really bad with them today until Neil came and took me out for a ride in the car to see my new baby niece...then they stopped.! How weird is that! Its because my mind was taken off me sen ! Well we go to Essex a week on Thursday so I hope I am gonna be ok... I am a little anxious..I shall sit in the back so I can spread out and chill ... x So guys what project can I have.... I usually start on me craft stuff, as I make cards, salt dough, cross stitch, knitting and wooden plaques but aint done ought for ages x IDEAS ...need to make money too!


Coffeecup said...

Lol that's quite a lot you do already Rach! How's about a patchwork quilt?

I too do all that stuff but the only thing that's regular is cards. If you want to make money it's time we went into business babes! Hand made wedding invites and such like. I sell a few but don't make money because it would require the same design en masse to cut cost and each one I do is different. I'm sure if I took it seriously there could be potential there. It's a thought?? xx

Rachel's Diary said...

I was goonna do weding favors as I make me own stunning chocolates too.... need to do somot hun x

Coffeecup said...

Gift vouchers for hairdressers and beauty salons sell well Rach.

Wedding favours sounds like a good idea!! Choccy! Yum yum!