Thursday, 1 May 2008

And Another Gud un!!!!!

Yes another gud day apart from nearly dying at me freinds house... I have a freind who I help at times doing a bit of cleaning and her Daughter is ill in hospital very poorly so we went to her house to tidy around and whilst I was there I started coughing and wheezing as if I had ashma (which I dont have) and I had to open the bedroom throat was on fire...She came up and asked what was wrong.... when I spoke my voice had changed due to the horseness from coughing and spluttering ..I said "I dont know...but the only other other time I was like that was yrs ago when I went to someones house and they had a house Rabbit!!!! As I am very allergic to Rabbits!!" To my despair she said "OH,,,,, She has one and it lived in the other bedroom " with that I dropped everything and leapt out the room and down stairs.... she was laughing but I wasnt still hurts now! .. then she had to clean the bugga out so she had flippin hairs on her in the car on the way home so I had to sit at the side of her (as the back seat was down) with me head out the bloody window in the rain like a chuffing afgan hound wit hair flappin about...people lookin at me as if id lost me marbles!!!!!!! ! LOL after some fresh air and a cup of Yorkshire tea i was feelin better.

Someone sent me this photo on face book today..Its me with some freinds on my last day at school (im in the middle a stick!..compared wiv now) LOL


SarahC♥ said...

Excellent picture :)

Coffeecup said...

Wot were we wearing in the 80's? Lol! You look great! FAB photo!!!!

At least you knew it was an allergy and did what you could to deal with hunny! x