Tuesday, 6 May 2008


What a stunning day it has been ~ I have done sooooo much in my front garden today, I am thrilled...I put loads of plants in after a trip to garden centre and done all me pots and put me tomatoes in! But I have been so hot...too hot...I find when It is hot like this I do get some palpitations but it aint had the horrid ones.... I think everyones heart works harder in the heat but when you are sensitive to these feelings you notice it more.

After my last posting guys I was a little upset as I woke up with a little panic attack that night, but I was having a bad dream...I was ok and I still feel better in myself...gone off my diet a little though so I need to get back on that. So I hope 2 mo is as nice and I hope you are all ok fellow bloggers and I hope you are having the nice weather like me ...It is an all round mental stimulant, just being outside is great! xx


Anonymous said...

Stay positive Rach! your doing well and these little blips will decrease over time! but i know how dissapointing it feels when you have been feeling good and then bang out of the blue anxiety and panic! xxx

Coffeecup said...

Here here! Heat does drain you, so just take it easy sweetie. The sun is wonderful isn't it? Lots of digging done lol. Good to learn you're out there doin' it too. Great stuff Rachel! ;-)