Friday, 9 May 2008


Hi guys , just to tell you I am going away for the night and all 2 mo so I will post to you all Sun or Mon, But just to say I feel like shite again, had foul horrid flutters for 3 days and am scared agan, but I am going to my cousins with Sharon my freind, I am nervous but am still biting the bullet and doing it as I will be on me own in a strange bedroom, I woke up last night with a bit of a panic, but fingers crossed I shall be ok,! Am looking forward to it, so speak soon guys. x piccy is me n andrea x

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Coffeecup said...

Rachel, I guess you'll be there already, have a brill time though hon!!

Listen, don't worry that you're feeling panicky, blips and bumps are gonna happen. Thing is you're having some great days, and overall your well on your way to winning.

Lovely pic! XXX