Sunday, 25 May 2008

What a load of political Bull !!! Eurovision

Well another yr that I get excited , Paul has a stroke and everyone laughs at me cos the score sheets are printed out and me cheese board is exsquisite and me freinds (fellow eurovision lovers) come over and wait in anticipation to see the glittered loonatics leaping around and screaching in the name of thier country! But I love it! Paul was actually good last night as he did join in with the scoring for a while, when I looked he had marked them all "Shit Shit Shit" .....But every yr I get more and more dissapointed at the way the UK are treat by other countries! I was very dissapointed at getting 6 points for the whole night and Andy Abraham was fab, one of the best! but oh no, its so bloody political, it prob due to us sill being in Iraq...... but what I dont understand is half the countries have half of thier relations in the UK being looked after by our government.... or taking our jobs..we have an industrial estate in Worksop, Its like a mini Poland (and they gave us NIL POI!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ) I am not racist AT ALL , I love different walks of life and customs but its geetin silly now!

As for me nerves ...I have been quite bad again with the flutters but the night times have been fab..sleep right though ! So guys have a good bank Hols and speak Tues x


Anonymous said...

It's the same every year Rach! and the scoring is like a good comedy show! it's amazing how all the little countries stick together! its not about music anymore! without our money alot of these countries would be buggerd! just think what would happen if we stopped going to Spain, Portugal, and Greece! they would collapse!
Take care Rach xxxx

Rachel's Diary said...

AGREED! added you to me face book xxxx

Coffeecup said...

I think you have a point Rachel, thing is, as most of Eastern Europe is already residing in the UK, guess their telephone votes wouldn't count, so they all voted for their home countries instead! Wishful thinking hey? They owed us a few douze points ain't that the truth!