Wednesday, 14 May 2008


Awwwwwww! Do you like me brand new little 48 hr old little baby ..great niece? Hannah, she is a beaut' ! Well guys I feel like crap again, flutters are back but are worse the min I get in bed which I know is common in "flutter folk"..... Paul is unwell with his depression which makes me feel worse... he has some very black days and I hate it! .......I should be ok in a few days. Did I tell you my bike broke....well my wonderful freind Sharon who you have seen on here came the other day wiv a present for me... her bike...with 1 wheel she had hers nicked and the gits destroyed the she even came with a spanner ( in her handbag LOL) and took the good wheel from my bike and put it on I can lend it for a couple of months till I get one ...Bless that a good friend eh!?! I dont know how to get rid of this anxiety...the other week I had no heart stuff and thought ..Yeah Im getting there...although I still feel mentally better, I can do more things and go more places with out thinking about it and getting worked up about it....even just going away at the weekend was a massive step as a few months ago I wouldn't dare have gone... Anyway im off now so hope you like me piccy which me sister took tonight! xxxxx bye for now

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