Thursday, 24 April 2008

Don't you just hate it when your other half is bloody right!

Yes , yes I will get eating it! .... Paul was right 2 of the chicks died this morning....very very sad...we think now that the incubator is not working right so we are gonna go to Essex to the place we actually bought the eggs from (will be a long long way) and buy some week old chicks instead! Will be a big challenge going all that way but should be ok wiv my family in the car, Neils gonna take us. So will keep you posted..been a real journey with these chicks I can tell ya! The piccy is Mummy and Daddy wiv one of the well chicks today ahhhhhh! and a special one wiv mummies! Been a sad day in that respect but in another respect a gud un! These are the few things I have achieved today......
1. went tesco wiv neil & felt fine......actualy felt "normal"
2.went to the cafe and had toast and a drink and felt ok
3.went to sharons on bike!
4.went to the edge of the woods on bike (as its further than Sharons) and met paul who was well suprised to see me sat on the wet grass wiv a big smile
I was fluttering and had to have some rescue remedy but held in there x
I am writing this with a chick under me chin!!! both of em (chins) lol!


Marie said...

Hi Rachel

It's Marie, hope you dont mind me joining you on your blog.

I have been reading your blog aswell as Robert saying how well you are doing.. And I feel so jelous you are doing sooooo well hun, you are inspiring me to try and start walking but scared shitless.. Well those chicks look so cute, I am sat writing this with a puppy on my lap.. not mine of course, I can not get one untill I start moving my ass and start to learn how to walk again.

Wow the feeling normal feels sooo good doesent it lol

Well done Rachel, I would love to go walking in your woods with you with are wellies on hun!! lol

Rachel's Diary said...

OMG.... how ace to speak to you hun.... your welcome any time.. isn't it strange about the walking like you if i go anywhere i have to go in a car and be dropped off nearly inside LOL ....all to do with security and saftey zones/space. But you have been doing so well too...amazing in fact! lets keep it up xxxxx

SarahC♥ said...

Sorry to read 2 of your little chicks have died.
Whereabouts in Essex have you got to go? I live in Essex!!
It sounds like you are doing really well...keep going :)


Rachel's Diary said...

Thanks babes.... im trying me best! Need summer! We are going to Upminster to a farm somewhere x If its nr you I will have to come see you if i can hun x

SarahC♥ said...

Upminster is miles from me, about 50.. :(


Coffeecup said...

Awww what a shame for the UB's. Very sad :-( Good luck for your journey, and here's wishing that the other little chickies grow strong and healthy X