Sunday, 27 April 2008

I have a lovely hubby ....for today!

I came home from my sisters last night as my nephew is staying with me....and "The Legend" had done all me garden....all the horrible weedin ,the lot! It looks lovely! I have a lot of comments about my garden in the summer as it does stand out....lots of gardens are the same in this village, as are the houses ...but ours is very cottagey and if it grows it grows and if it dont it dont! thats my moto! So I am well please!..... had a nice day at Alenas yesterday although I hardly moved LOL but I did lots of drawing with the children so I think they enjoyed it! I did LOL ...will post a photo of me garden later xx


Robert said...

I haven't visited for about a week, so it's nice to see how well you're doing.

I think you should write a dictionary. Words you invent like "pessimistness" don't exist...but they SHOULD! Keep it up!

Are you still on the road to becoming a stick insect?

Rachel's Diary said...

LOL.... I am but! It been slow this wk as its my womanly week next wk and u just cant lose weight the wk before...5LB lost now in 2 weeks.... x I feel like I have pushed me self this week but needed to or the doors would have been shut i can go one way or another! Thanks Robert

Coffeecup said...

Hi Rach, doing anything prior to and during womanly week is a struggle, go with the flow lol. 5lbs already!! WOW! Well done hon! I've been doing all this exercise lately and put on 5lbs! ha ha! Figure that????

The Legend receives my awe and applause, he's a superstar for sure! X

Coffeecup said...

Sorry me again, but I since you put the photies there I just had to say that your garden just lovely!! Really friendly looking and lush. Very nice Rach! :-) X