Monday, 28 April 2008


Somot has happened to me today peeps.... Mum rang me this-morning and asked me if I wanted to go to know the town nr me that I aint been to for 4 months.... but she was going in a car park to far from the centre so I went into instant agri' mode! I said to Mum that I would have to stay in the car and wait for them..she said that she might be about an hr as she was getting new glasses. Then Neil rang and said he was gonna meet me in town as I needed to give him my catalog to cut a long un short....Dad drove to the wrong car park...the nearer one and they left me...I was crapping I thought..DISTRACTION and made an important phone call I needed to make ..before long Neil pulled up at the side of me in his car and I asked him to walk with me into the town...he did and I went to about 4 shops....and walked back to the car! Then we went off to Retford and I did allsorts...went to loads of shops and even was left on my own in a shop where I tried some cloths a bit panicky in the changing room as I was undressed and thought "God, what if I panic now and have to run out,half naked" LOL God forbid !!! But I rode it out whilst watching me face getting redder and redder in the mirror! bought some jeans and a top, then went in the charity shop and found a better pair of jeans for £3,29 so I took the others back (tight cow eh) guys I am really really proud of myself!....and to add tomo I am going to Catterick tomo wiv Neil so I will be very far from this space!!! I know you all just want to hug me LOLOLOLOLOLOL


SarahC♥ said...

I am doing a little dance for you!
Excellent work Mrs Rachel. Well done :)

Good luck for tomorrow..


Lovely garden BTW.
I am jealous.

Rachel's Diary said...

Fank u xxxxx LOL... your garden is too hun xxx

Sharon said...

keep it going you doing great ,xx