Wednesday, 23 April 2008

NEGATIVE!!!!! OVA AND OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im bored, fat,scared,fed-up,skint,panicky,hungry,bedraggled,fluttering!,impatient, married and a LOONATIC! Apart from that Im ok...had a couple of bad days...flutters galore....Paul is doing me head in ...he has put me in a negative mood with his bloody pesimistness(if there is such a word) about the chicks...."oh their gonna die rach....oh they look week...their not eating" then he goes and drinks 4 cans of lager cos he's scared thier gonna die! Like thats gonna help! THEY ARE FINE, healthy, and fit and growing...!
Libby was naughty today too....she came home from school and moaned that I had cooked a dinner, so I threw it though the kitchen window (plate an all, window was open LOL) she was a nasty bugga the way she said it....I think I shocked her! but don't think she will do it again !
Oh I need a good old moan....done me Avon today and got out a bit with Neil, Actually one good thing happened this morning(dont all drop dead with shock of the positivness, if there is such a word again!) but this morning I walked loads doing me Avon all round the streets...was ace...not a flutter...its always when i eat the flutters start....does anyone else get the heart stuff with anxiety...please let me know if you get these symptoms....if these symptoms passed I could get onto the road to recovery! Right guys better go before I depress u all ! Sorry to be a moaning bugga..but hey thats what its all about ...bloggeretting! xxxxxxxxxx nan nights....xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Sharon said...

must be a day for moaning ,does u good to have a good old moan ,like me today,lol,you done really well today and you didnt have your bike with you ,so keep it up ,and its probably the diet making you have the palps when you eat,so dont worry ,xx

Coffeecup said...

Corr Rachel, lol, I love your spirit girl! Had to laugh about the dinner plate! Sorry, bet it wasn't funny at the time, but I can just picture it.

Palps. You're heart is probably just pumping up to do some digestion, and once you've noticed it happen after eating, you're sorta expecting it now? Dunno hon, have you mentioned it to the GP firstly? Just to check as a precaution.

When my panics started out, always used to get bumpy heart. Still do at times. The old adrenaline gets it going, so you've probably thought something, adrenaline rush follows, then palps, then you react, then panic. It might be that straight forward.

?????? x x x

Anonymous said...

Rach it's because you are thinking about the heart thing! if you ignored it then it might ease, i know for a fact the more you dwell on stuff the more you get it! easier said than done i know! test yourself when it happens go on your computer and play a game that really makes you concentrate, then if it goes away then you know what it is! xxx