Tuesday, 29 April 2008


I have had a bloody good day hunny bunnys apart from this-morning when we found little Eunice dead ( the weakest chick) so I was in tears this morning! We have got some eggs in incubators in Essex and Temple Newsam, Leeds by breeders so hopefully we will be succesful this time!

Anyway...back to the good news...I went on the Motorway for 100 miles there and 100 back and was absolutly fine....in fact the palpatations today has been next to none!

Photo is of me and Neil in the van LOL....so another gud un!!!! Well pleased ...and it was great to see some other counrty side and views. xxxxx


Coffeecup said...

Fan-flippin-tastic stuff!!!!!!!

(Sorry about Eunice, such a shame)

How lovely to be out n' about Rachel! Well pleased for you hunny.
You're a case ha ha! The last post made me laugh out loud and spit me coffee straight into my laptop keyboard! (swapping the jeans) and now the bugger won't work. Using me dad's pc just so I could reply.

Av another guddun tomorrow kiddo, and fingers crossed you'll be a mummy to many UBs very soon. XXX

Rachel's Diary said...

OMG... I am so sorry about the lap top...it should dry out....LOL....cant promise to not make u laugh again so please be sure ur gob is free of liquids when u read me posts LOL..... Bless u ..on a serious note..hope its ok!