Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Busy little bee

Well today I have been Like a little busy bee for the first time in ages...been doing me Avon (been out 3 times) and also done some washing at me sisters whilst she in Spain with Loverboy.... yes, washer still not done...must be about 5 weeks now, but apparently they are coming within the next few days! They better be!!!...I have been here there and everywhere on me little bike..feel like I have achieved a few things, had a few episodes of palps etc, ......I dont have no inspiring comments to make tonight. Libby is at my Mothers so she will be well fed and having a laugh, me and Paul are watching tv and chilling, im gonna pop off in the bath with me rose petals........ and then watch Gordon Ramseys it ..I just wish he did'nt swear as much..... Our naked neck eggs are in the post from Essex so the incubator will be set tomo and life will begin for the ugly buggers! Nan nights xxx

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Coffeecup said...

Having nothing inspiring can mean that things are just ticking along nicely. Good stuff Rachel!

You know, it sounds so odd them little chicks arriving by post. Hope the postman is going to handle them very carefully then. Lol, got visions of them parcelled up cheeping away in there. Shame! Yes, I know, they're embryos at the moment, still, soon be clucking! xxx