Sunday, 2 March 2008

Wishing Good Luck to Our Freind Andy

We have had a sorrowful couple of days due to a freind of ours being taken into hospital with the most awful haemorrhage of the pancreas... he is diabetic and had transplant of kidneys and pancreas which both failed after a few years (new pancreas failed last yr) and he has been bleeding heavily from it yesterday and today, His wife My fab freind Sharon (who I have known only a couple of yrs, but hit it off like sisters) has been so supportive and goes through such an ordeal.... I have never known a man with so much wrong with him and I NEVER hear a moan or a winge from his mouth! He is a VERY brave man and we as a family wish him all the love and health in the world as he has a massive operation tomorrow to remove the dead pancreas in surgery in Manchester Hospital... below is a link to thier blog .... Brave brave people... and I worry over nothing, puts things into perpective when things like this happens. SO GOOD LUCK ANDY!!!!!!
Also Had a lovely Mothers day, Thank you Libby for making my day special...with lovely chocs and flowers and breakfast made and a pamper! Love you darling ! xxxx

Piccy is Andy n Sharon xxxx


Coffeecup said...

Thanks for sharing the story Rachel. He is a very brave man indeed and I'm so sad that he is having to endure so much pain. It must be so frightening. I truly send my best wishes for him. Things like this do definately put life into perspective and make our own concerns seem trivial. I'm very sarcastic and flippant when it comes to pain, but how it would be if there was a real physical problem then I don't know. Perhaps this is when true srength and resilience comes into it's own.

Please remember that you worry over nothing not out of choice. It's hard draw upon a positive attitude and the mental strength to pull you through when this is the place where the illness occurs. It's cruel in that respect.

My love to you and your friends, thank you for the link xxx

Rachel's Diary said...

yeah like now... been bit by hamster... think mim dying! lol.... xx

Robert said...

Makes you realise just how fragile life is, and how much people are prepared to suffer just to keep it. A salutary lesson for us all. I hope his op goes well.