Monday, 10 March 2008

What a bloody birthday!!! Might have to av another!

Well I woke up in the night having the usual heart attack again...heart pounding fast, went to bathroom, cold flannel, then got onto the cold wooden floor in my bedroom to calm down to wait for heart to stop paddying and BANG!! Hit me head on the wooden bed post...guess works, forgot about heart and started thinkin about me head! Im laid on the floor, naked, with a flannel in one hand, other hand on me sore head and rescue remedy at me side, I looked up at the clock on the wall.....2am...I said "Happy Birthday Rach "..... so in the end I calmed down.
7 am got Libby up for school as she had an exam (1st GCSE) science, told her to have a bananana to help the old grey matter, 1 hr later her grandma rang...lib's is coming home ..her exam finished early...i ring lib...was easy mum, you only had to tick a few phone me...why was lib not at her exam...i ring say you wernt there lib, I was mum, are you telling me the truth lib...of course mum... PAUSE>>>>> No mum i wasnt there i lied...was scared..walked out...I ring school back sorry your right..she wasnt..felt a right twat with a capital T!....... SO then Mother rings... HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUV!!!! tells me when she finishes at the hospital at 12 she is coming for me to go to Retford to spend some birthday money! wait till 3.30..Mother rings... they kept her in at the hospital to do laser treatment on her cornea! She has a doner cornea from a dead persons eye! and it has shrunk..could only happen to her, but your not allowed to mention its from a dead person or she might get haunted according to her....(eyes are windows to the soul and all that) so In the eve it was nice and chilling.. friends came with some lovely cards and gifts...Paul bought me a bag of maltesers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! till Thurs pay day! Why couldnt he have got me somot last Thurs pay day ( MEN ).... So any how...just as I was thinking about retiring at about call from Sister..Dad has had his little car stolen from Garden and he is in bed shaking under the covers and Mum has pains in her chest......... Cant believe it.... Anxiety straight out the window..kill mode!...Dad 78...Mum...72... had lead taken of roof 3 months ago and attempted theft of prev' car few weeks ago..... I phone my nephew (ex boxer...never lost a fight) to get arse out and look ... I get me pink spotty wellies on and get ready for Neil to come for me...get Lib ( exam abscondor....cant spell) out of bed to help..need her eyes!....Im on the rampage...fuming!!!!!!!! Paul pissed after celebrating MY birthday... spent more on himself than me so he styed in bed wiv mouth open catching flies! ... Go the 7 miles to Mum... spend an hr going around every street...find nothing! Felt bloody Usless... SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACH!!!!!!! Apart from all was ok!!!!! :0) my new guitar Im buying with my B day money?


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! what a post! you wont forget that birthday! never mind, get the guitar, it might do you good Rach, bit of distraction, i have heard that learning to play the guitar can be good for anxiety!xxx

Coffeecup said...

Geeeeeeeezzzzzz! I was breathless just reading that. What a day! Happy Birthday Rachel!!!!

Tell Lib she's lucky I'm not her mummy cos I'd have smacked her legs for not doing that exam lol. Kidding..

Shame the thief got away, still, better he meets head on with something like an oncoming truck rather than you getting into trouble with your fists. Poor mum and dad!

The guitar looks fab. You can play? Wow! More hidden talents. Get yourself on video here then we can sing along? Great stuff!

You did a good job today, well done babes for getting through that lot, hope tomorrow brings calm serenity!! XXX