Monday, 17 March 2008

Im all a flutter!!!!

Had a day of flutters/palpatations..... I have days like this then days without... prob cos the party is over and I am coming down from all the adrenaline of it all...but it was good!
It is the beginging of the holidays which means some nice lie in's and some nice Easter eggies! .... Me and Paul have decided that we are going to get some more chickens for the allotment, we used to have chickens for yrs but the fox cleared us out and we just couldnt afford to start up we are going to buy some eggs(as it's cheaper) and a freind of our's is lending us an incubator so Paul has chosen the breed he want's............. he has only chose the uglyest buggers in the whole bloody chicken world! Transylvanian Naked Necks ( shown in picture) He loves ugly stuff like vultures, bulldogs...etc...God I bet im a right moose!!!!! LOL !!!! So this is somot to look forward to....... Right peeps im off...hope I sleep, not had flutters for a while now so think they are over.....STRESS!!!!! nan nights xxxxxxxxx


Anonymous said...

No Easter eggs for me! but maybe a beer or two! lol xx

Rachel's Diary said...

no but i bet alice will make up for you lol,,,, hope you have plenty of choccy alice xxx

Coffeecup said...

Hey Rachel we are kindred spirits aren't we? Mother Earths! Love your chucks, but my goodness you're right, ugly buggers! Still, you'll love 'em and little chicks are soo cute! Wouldn't mind fresh eggs myself. Have to look into livestock legislation on my plot. Wouldn't trust keeping them all alone down there at night though, it's had a spot of vandalism in the past. Such is town life!

Also very pleased you had a good party! Just the sort of tonic needed of late me thinks. When's the next one? Fancy gatecrashers lol? XXX