Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Stop the world... I wanna get off!!!

Do you eva have that feeling....... I need a break from all this anxiety shite! Been really upset today cos of my poor mummy and daddy, they are still in shock! The car was found a mile away and burnt to the ground.... My dad said he don't care about the car it's the stuff inside like Mum's disability badge and some other stuff...but these Bastards dont give a shite who they hurt, this is the tosser of a society that we live in..... Proud to be British my arse!!!!!!

Well I never slept to good... fought an attack...did it though....although I had been in such a temper I thought I might have been climbing the walls with panic. Well I look forward to my guitar comin 2 mo...... I used to tinkle when I was 18 or so..... I really want to pick it up again and give it a go! So Paul will have to suffer for a while, then again I have to listen to him on the banjo as he is learning! We do both play the irish drm (Bodhran) ad actually need to get some practice in for my "St Patrick's" party sat night! We always have a paddy's night, I cook Irish food and we sing and dance and play instruments till early hrs... thank God for great neighbours!...all amatuar but who cares ...we enjoy it!

Signing off... nan nights peeps!


Anonymous said...

A few months after Alice was born she had to have heart surgery at Kilinbeck hospital and while we were staying there someone torched our car! IN A HEART HOSPITAL!!! and all the police could say was "welcome to Leeds" what a great caring country we live in!
Hope you enjoy your guitar Rach xxx

Rachel's Diary said...

How bloody awful..... Welcome to Leeds, thats disgusting!
Just reflects the state of the world for def...x

fungalena said...

Ayup Rache - long time no write ! 4:15 a.m. Just read most of your missed bloggeroonies. Ya got lots going on in there. Love all the captions. That thing about the cartoon wall being bult up. Couldn;t have put it better myself. THAT'S just how it is. If I did't have a car I would be doomed. Already feel like NELSON MANDELLA (locked up) or ARCHBISHOP MAKARIOS (in exile) Love the ma pa n biddie captions. Mr. O gunna give em a ROVER so THANK GOD for the GOOD things in life ! They are trying to GO THROUGH their trials if ya know what I mean. MORRISSONS must be me mums SAVIOUR in times of stress. Me dad seems to have had a couple of BETTER (not good) days. Give my love to SHAZ and her fam. I know they are a courageous bunch. Les in ESPANIA ...AGAIN! I went up to the Sporty today - watched the kids swim. NEVER bin able to go in with them. Ruth swims like a fish and Jamie doing well now. Po should put Chels in Olympics. It was 21 years ago when Brendan n me nearly drowned up there. YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO AV FUN WHILE LIFES HURRYING BY...lol.....lotsa luv.....fleena.....