Sunday, 9 March 2008

Sometimes it's hard to be a woman!!!!!!

This is one for the ladies, .......... Had the most awful day, in agony with Ladies pain, the worst for years, in fact this morning it was that bad I thought there was something wrong with me and I started to cry thinking I might have to go to the doctors or hospital but it has passed now and I am just worn out, I aint had a scrap of makeup on today which is so not me... and i aint got dressed either.... Neil came like a night in shining armour with the most sickly stunning chocolate cake... just the fix i needed, it even had little chocolate eggs on it, so he was in the good books, he stayed with me for a while whilst Paul took doggies for a walk. Well I hope I am better for tommorrow as it is my birthday tomo.... THIRTY PIGGIN SIX!!!! where is it going!

So short post ... need chocolate so bye!!!! LOL


Gary said...

boy, i'm glad i'm not a woman! lol
I hope you have a lovely birthday tommorow Rach, and i hope you get lots of nice pressies!
Take care xxx

Sharon said...

let paul do all the house work and cook your dinner so you can put your feet up ,lol ,hope you have a good night rach ,might make you feel better,xx

Rachel's Diary said...

LOL... still in agony, God maybe im going throught the change now im old!!!!! LOL x

Coffeecup said...

Oh poor babes! Know what that feels like. Hormones definately make anxiety a whole heap worse. Ouchy! Mega Well Done for getting an airing and doing a bit of fun stuff. However....


Have a good one Rachel! Not far behind you, only a year, so you can tell me what to expect lol! All good things we hope. Best wishes and big hugs x x x