Saturday, 29 March 2008

oh guess what it's raining!

Well what started out to be a lovely warm sunny day became a foul wet one!!!! AGAIN! I'm sick of this weather and my little garden is suffering... Today I went to my isters in bircotes to help her sort all her books out in her spare bedroom as she had made a bookcase constuction on the style of bloody humber bridge! Anyway..... when the earthquake happened it collapsed...but today I was like a fart... you know I aint as strong as I used to be..prob lack of excersice LOL... so I ended up sat in the thing with a 6ft 2" thick plank of MDF (hate the word) on me skull and then the lot collapsed on me and hurt me arm real bad...big swollen wrist now... but good news anxiety at min today! So I aint got much to report but just thought I would say Hi to all who enter upon this weird and wonderful place of mine! DONT FORGET TO PUT UR CLOCKS FORWARD GUYS !! xx

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