Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Day out with the Old's

Had a lovely day, me and Libby went out with me Ma "n" Pa.... started off Dad picked us up at 11am and went to get Mum and put me washing in her machine as Mine still aint sorted....waiting for parts to come from Italy! Then we went to Missin Mill warehouse where you can get food soooooooooo cheap..stuff that has a short sell by date... I got a trolly full of food for £9.45....great! Then off we went for fish n chips and parked up nr the lakes to eat it! Then to the large pet shop in Bawtry, bought hamster a few treats and a new ball... then on to sisters to end the day! ANxiety med..... no panics But I have eaten too much tonight..gobblin chocs galore from the warehouse today! NAUGHTY !!!!!!! so its a short one tonight sorry guys! Tired! and stuffed!!!! LOL

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