Thursday, 20 March 2008

Moan week ! LOL

Today i am joining my fellow bloggers in a good old farty moan!!!!! It seems to be in the air... must be the I sit here on me bed all I can hear is the battering of the March winds on everything in the back garden... poor old ferrets are huddled together again in their little nests outside...tomorrow I am gonna put a couple of old jumpers in there. So what can I moan about...... there is this crappy weather although if we have some Easter snow I will enjoy that.... No money..still...! Still fat!!! and still stressed!! Gosh that wind!! it's quite frightening! top it off I have been sleeping next to five big easter eggs for a wk now...well tonight it has over come me (must be the weather) and I have had a little bit of an egg and a flake!!! so now I need me rennies! Right ..thats me moanin done...feel better for it!! thanks for to bed ma n pa coming tomo for fish n chips ( for good Fri for Mother with irish/catholic superstition) So gotta go bed as got lots to do xxx


Anonymous said...

Go on Rach get them Easter eggs down ya! and enjoy em! you deserve it! xxxx

Sharon said...

its good to moan ,but men do it best i think ,lol,thanks for last night rach your a good friend,xx

Robert said...

Nice pic of you, Rachel!

Can't agree with sharon - men (who, as everybody knows, are almost perfect in every way!) hardly EVER moan - and if they do, it's with VERY good reason!